My work is essentially tactile, my forms both sculptural and
functional, are all made to be touched and handled. I build surfaces,
colours and curves that invite the touch. I am inspired by the fact
that forms and patterns repeat in nature. Tree roots branch out in the
same way that rivulets run, flames flicker and branches divide.

The feminine curves of pears inspire me to make both small and
oversized pears with a sense of movement that sit lightly on the
ground. Some forms subtly suggest the curves of a woman and some morph
into the hips, bellies and backsides of women.

The way light and wind dance across the surface of water, illuminating
the currents and land forms invisible below the surface, inspires my
carving on functional ware, with lively energetic marks and calm open
pools. I glaze these works in soft greens, blues and creamy whites to
suggest reflections of sky and landscape on the water surface.

Working in clay intrigues me with its endless scope for expression
through surface, colour and form and the ability to make works of art
that can be used every day.

Should you wish to know more about my work please email me at: